Friday, June 6, 2008


From 3/3/2004

Ache away
Bodily memory
Fleshy pain
Holding molecules of emotion
Like dirty water in Life’s bucket
From jaw to neck to back to flat feet
Move through me
Unblock and unlock me
Open chamber doors
Guarding heart
Guarding life
Know Needing in comfort
Taste the bleeding roots of this flesh with
Bitter sweetness
With conviction to replant
To grow bigger, taller, more lush and plentiful
Overflowing like the greenness of Ireland
Connected here
Part of me and part of it
Forever changed by the meeting
By the weaving of Songlines
Between me and the people
Me and the land
Me and myself
Contain me not from my own Knowing
My own passion
The pull to be pulled
Arrive safely inside
Stepping again and again into the flow of myself
Yet never stepping into the same person twice

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