Friday, June 6, 2008

images from dreams

From: 9/2/2005

I am kidnapped
I am a murderous kidnapping drug dealer
I am trying to escape
I am trying to get some kind of help.
I am returning to my childhood
I am filling up with my belongings
I am losing my belongings
I am driving to the shore
I am crying and blaming
I am being blamed
I am calling but I can’t get through
I am unreachable
I am calling but they are not ready
I am not ready
I am explaining how and why others should fix their overflow.
I am relocating
I am lying with the sacred and seducing it
I am giving up the sacred for the profane.
I am fighting
I am beating boys up
I am being beaten
I am separating
I am being separated
I am trying to get attention
I am hungry
I am being ignored
I am ignoring
I am nurturing myself
I am falling
I am making calls that won't go through
I am fleeing the scene of the crime
I am on fire
I have a baby
I am a baby
I am saving the baby
I am being saved
I am being lifted up
I am lifting
I am indifferent
I am annoyed
I am arrogant
I am making a donation
I am driving to a family party
I am having difficulty finding the location.
I have a smashed car
I am smashing a car
I am hanging out with my family
I am talking
I am in the shower.
I worry that others don't like me
I killed my family
I have super-human strength
I am in my childhood
I am calling my dad for support.
I am being called on for support
I don't answer
I am unplugging and leaving
I am crawling through the dark.
I am found
I am confronted
I am finding and confronting
I have a crazy look
I am insisting
I am latching onto someone
Someone is latching onto me
I am having sex
I am calling
I am being called
I am murdering
I am watching death
I am wandering
I am delirious, dumbfounded, lost, confused, and numb
I am bleeding
I am defeated, finished, and emotionless
I am driving
I am stopping
I am driving recklessly
I am angry
I can't find one I like.
I am finding exactly what I'm looking for.
I am pleased
I am untrustworthy.
I am leaving.
I am following.
I am trying to resist temptation
I am giving in
I am so comforted
I am giving comfort
I am not sleeping
I am unhappy.
I am having a great time
I am watching and listening
I am on a cruise ship
I am having a good time
I am trying to do some shady business
I am cold and indifferent.
I am angry, scared, hurt and confused.
I am acting
I am screaming
I am transformed into the most beautiful woman
It doesn't bother me to be in horror movies
I am in my childhood
I am losing
I am dead
I am craving attention and affection
I won’t give attention and affection
I am preoccupied with friends.
I am cheating
I make excuses
I am freaking out
I lie
I am throwing a temper tantrum.
I am having a great time.
I am even angrier now
I am going back to my childhood
I am trying to make contact
I am between worlds, between the living and the dead.
I am frantic.
I am hiding.
I am discovered.
I chase
I demand control
I am in some underground place
I am crying and crying.
I am telling people that I ‘knew’ the world was going to end
I am hiding out
I wish that I would die rather than be one of the survivors.
I am on an elevator
I don't know which stop is mine
I am getting off at different places
I am at a jewelry store
I am holding and caressing the jewelry.
I am in a weird place
I am disgusted
It makes me sick
I am pregnant with twins.
I am intoxicated.
I want to leave
I am a security guard
I am demanding.
I am knocked out.
I am leaving
I am waking up.
I am wandering around
I am looking for my friends.
I am fussing over money
I am finding my friends.
I am being found
I am looking for my car
I am holding myself back
I am trying to get away
I am locking the doors.
I am trying to leave.
I am the 'other woman'
I am creating a scandal
I am at a party
I am stepping back in time
I am getting lots of attention.
I am sad.
I am going up a long winding staircase.
I can’t open the door
I am in the wrong room.
I am going to the next door.
I am flirting and flaunting
I am worried that my secret might be discovered
I am naked,
I am fighting.
I am kissing and touching
I am angry.
I am screaming
I am bi-sexual.
I am staying out all night
I am screaming
I am hanging up.
I am trying to get home but I don't have a car.
I am trying to get a ride home from strangers.
I am receiving a gift
I am giving a gift
I am chasing something in the dark
I am joining others
I am freaking out.
I am having panic attacks, crying and feeling really self-destructive.
I can't explain to anyone how I feel.
I am not helping
I am riding to a mountain.
I am living in a bizarre indoor-outdoor house.
I am climbing an indoor tree
I am running from room to room
I am trying to turn out the lights
I can't find all the switches
I am trying to go to sleep.
I am in school
I am dropping the unhealthy and picking up the serious
I am planning a trip
I am indecisive
I can't find my car
I find another car.
I am scooping out sand and water.
I am trying to drive with no steering and no brakes
I am staying home

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