Friday, June 6, 2008

Open the Gate

From 3/14/2008

I want to see myself in the writing. Feel the writing from the inside out. To see myself reflected – good, bad, beautiful and ugly. I want my writing to be a mirror of my humanity. The image that comes to mind is a garden with big iron gates and an ocean flowing out – a surreal image without logic or reason.

I want others to feel the writing too.

As a writer I want to reach into the chest of my reader, pull out their heart and show it to them. Saying, “look! Look what’s in your heart!”

I have no idea why I want to do this. It’s not meant to hurt, it’s meant to help -- to open their eyes. To open the gate.

Open the gate
Meet me in the lush green garden
Walk circles with me around the daffodils
Swim the cool waters
Surrounded by rainbow fish
Diving deep with me
Into screaming caves
And evening shadows
Laugh with me
Cry with me
Transcend time with me
Feel me from the inside out
And know my knowing as your own
Open the gate
And meet me in the lush green garden

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