Friday, June 6, 2008

Writing is

Writing is trust

Trusting that you have something to say, trust that you can say it, trust that others will listen, trust that you will not be judged, and trust that you can survive the judgments if they occur. Trust and faith go hand in hand. If you have faith in yourself, you can write.

Writing is never perfect

You are always aiming at capturing the exact experience but you will always fall short. Words and image will always point towards the abstract but will never capture it exactly. It is the nature of life and of writing that we can experience bliss with our being, but describing it is almost impossible. Word and image will never be perfect but they just might open a door in someone’s soul that allows them to experience bliss for themselves.

Writing is addictive

Once you feel the rush of adrenaline, the satisfaction of words on the page, the response from your reader, it is easy to get hooked. It is also easy to become obsessed with creating the ‘perfect’ writing which will never happen but may motivate you endlessly to try. Writing is cathartic and therapeutic which can also be addictive. Needing to get the words and images out may become a compelling obsession.

Writing is Organic

Even with the structure of sentences, words, grammar, etc, writing is an organic experience. The way you maneuver and organize the language and image that you use is an ambiguous and creative process. It is slippery and chaotic at times. It lacks discipline and compromise other times. It grows on its own and thrives on its own. Writing seems to have a life of its own.

Writing comes Through you

Writing comes through you not from you. As much as our ego would like to take full credit for our brilliant writing, writing would not exist without our connection to the world. Each of us has been given a certain voice, specific gifts, and a unique perspective. When we connect to the energy of the world – through people, culture, events, art, spirit, emotion, etc. – we are allowing the creative force to move into us and through us. Writing is our personal expression of the universal consciousness that we all share.

Writing is Adventure

Writing is a process of discovery and exploration. Writing is always following the road less traveled. If you are writing, you are expressing something that is authentically you and carving out a path of your own. You must have a thrill seeker in you if you are a writer. Writing will always be unpredictable and have unexpected results. You need courage and conviction to continue to follow the adventure of writing.

Writing is contribution

Writing is giving something back. Writing is your active participation in the voice of the world. Writing is your contribution to the universal dialogue. Writing is taking everything that you’ve learned and experienced and formulating something significant to say to humanity. Writing is the mark you make, the song you sing, the idea you share, the thing you will be remembered for when you’re gone.

Writing is paradox

Writing sets you free and traps you in an endless desire to write. Writing conforms to structure and logic but expresses creativity and emotion. Writing is a solitary endeavor yet reaches countless people in its expression. Writing is a personal act but captures a universal phenomenon. Writing is familiar yet totally unpredictable is its nature. Writing is a paradox just like life is a paradox. From the tension of duality, comes the creativity of writing.

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