Friday, June 6, 2008

I am

From 2/20/2008

I am so open and so willing to make it work. To be deep. To be heart centered. To be aware. To be transformed. I listen when asked to do more, say more, be more. I listen and do things differently. I like to stay in relationships for a long time and see if I can make it work. I want people to be happy. I want to make them happy. I like the truth. I like to know how I can grow and learn and do more and be better than I was yesterday. I like to know if I make you feel sad or happy or comfortable or uncomfortable. I am very good at making change and learning from my mistakes.

I am so totally in this journey. I’ve made it my own. I take responsibility for it. My choices, good and bad, have led me to this moment. I don’t have any regrets. I like people. Even the incompetent ones. I just want to be good at what I do. I just want to help people to feel relaxed, healthy and happy. I only care about being me, enjoying my work, and living a simple life. I think the work I do is important. I think it is more important then being tall or good looking or making lots of money.

I like the fact that I take risks. I like my affinity for adventure. I like my drive even if it bulldozes people some of the time. I like my writing. I think it’s fun and revealing. I like my passion for life. My big heart. My fearlessness about death.

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