Saturday, May 9, 2009


I stepped into your eyes
Felt your body from the inside
Knew you intimately for a moment
Heard what I couldn’t hear before
A silent cry calling me closer, deeper
I understood your appreciation
Understood I was the only one
To hear your voice
Step into your heart and feel your desperation
I embrace you
Who you are now
Knowing you are perfection in disguise
Knowing you will wake up from this dream
A stronger more beautiful man
A man with a heart broken open from the struggle
From the suffering, from the pain
I feel all of you
I am grateful
I am humbled
I am in awe of the way I connected with you
With life, with mystery
I am still bathing in the sacred silence of this timeless moment
That is everything to me
My life, my purpose, my love
To give unconditionally
Only to receive it all again
Returned to me in abundance
How lucky I am to find myself in you
And hold your healing in my heart
Like a seed stored in a safe place
There is beauty here
I stepped into your eyes and felt it from the inside.

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