Saturday, May 9, 2009


Energy stirring
between my legs
up through my belly
into my heart
I smile to myself
knowing you are feeling the same
Waiting for me
Anticipating my touch

The first kiss
like honey and rose petals on my lips
I drink you in
with my eyes
my mouth
my breath
My smile is bigger now
Satisfied and satisfied
to be with you
In communion

Like new lovers
We embrace
Eager and overwhelmed
Seems like forever
Since the last time
Love brings us back
To the place where we left off

In a blur you’re inside me
I’m inside you
Sensations like a buffet of pleasure
so many feelings
so many colors
so many sights and sounds and tastes
Satisfied and satisfied
To be with you
In love

Climax giving way softly
To tenderness
To gratitude
And in the quiet
All is said and
Nothing unnecessarily exchanged
You are my healing that makes me whole

The lingering smell of you on my fingertips
I hold them to my face
The intoxicating scent still in my nose
The salty taste of you on my tongue
I suckle my own mouth
Energy stirring again
Between my legs
Up through my belly
Into my heart
I smile to myself
Knowing I must have you again

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