Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Missed You

i missed you tonight at the club
i missed your eyes
your lips
the way you watch me always
protecting me
i missed your hand on the small of my back
your arm around my waist
your hand in mine
i missed your gossip in my ear
your quick mind dashing here and there
i missed the way you smell
when i get close
and the way you taste
when i steal kisses from you
i missed your smile
and your laugh
and the way you walk kinda funny
always in a hurry
always on the phone
i missed you
i miss you now
in our room
in our bed
in our home that's not a home
unless you're here

i wrote this for you...

Still trying to feel
The fullness of the light
Without feeling
The burning on my skin
Still trying to see
The thing that the light revels
Without being blinded
By the glare of the sun
Still trying to hold
The heaviness of love
In this broken container
I call my heart
Still trying to know
The sweetness of you
Without the bitterness
Of life on my tongue

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