Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dear Man

you come to me
begging with your body
hiding with your eyes
I feel your wanting
your insatiable need for me
your transparent deception
is no match for my intuition
maybe you are indifferent sometimes
bored or needing gratification
fueled only by your physicality
but mostly
there is a burning desire in you
for my softness
my wetness
my perfumed perspiration
a desire that cannot be quenched
by any other shape than me
my breast is your pacifier
my emptiness is your home
I am a warm place for you to rest
for you to find yourself
gone and forgotten
and rather than knowing myself as your object
I know myself as your safety
I am mother, sister, and friend
the place where you always return for comfort
when your job, your friends,
your attempt to conquer the world
doesn’t quiet the craving of your soul
inside me you are a real man
pure and perfect
merging with something unmistakably feminine and beautiful
I am that
I am her
only in your honesty and acceptance
will I stop being afraid
that you might rape me or betray me
that you might see
you are only afraid because you love me

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