Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fire in Me

There is a fire in me now
Red hot and wild
My hands are electric with the heat
Stepping up to the edge
Diving into the flames
I found newborn permission to be myself
Like a woman who knows her own strength
And isn’t afraid to use it
A woman who knows her own direction
And won’t let anything get in her way
Like the splendid serpent who renews herself continually
I am shedding my skin
Like the wolf that is fiercely daring and brave
I feel the power that is instinctively mine
Like the owl who guards the darkness
Fangs exposed, claws revealed, wings outspread
I am every creature that has embodied my name
Since the time before time
There is a fire in me now
I am unleashing it
In all its ravishing glory
I am a glowing light for all to see

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