Saturday, May 9, 2009


when the 'desire' for an answer started to dissolve there was room for it to be answered. i noticed that only when i forgot where i was did i find that i had arrived at the center of the labyrinth (question). i noticed that my emotions and fears can cloud my vision of who I really am. i noticed that only one step at a time can take me where i need to go. i found that the view from close-up seems totally chaotic but when viewed from a distance is a beautiful image. i realized that i was often repeating similar patterns but going deeper each time i followed that particular curve. the lines between what was path and what was 'not' path also began to blur. it was all path. i felt empowered at the center of the labyrinth (question) and walked a little taller, straighter and more confident on the way out then i did on the way in. someone asked me when i got to the center if i knew how to follow the path and i announced ' i followed it in and now i have to go back out.' how is my answer symbolic of my question? what does it mean?

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